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a place for mom and dads with mental ailments
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This community is a FRIENDS ONLY community.

I feel as the mod and maintainer of this community that our privacy is very important. If you would like to join, go ahead and join, I may accept/deny your request (odds are accept), and afterwards you can make your entry post to let us all know who you are. In order to keep the privacy you need to please make all posts a friends only. Otherwise non-community lj members can see your entries.

I made this community not only for a part of my own therapy and recovery, but I thought it would do some good for other mentally ill parents out there as well. Just because we have psychological barriers does not mean we can not be great parents. Please feel free to use this community to open up, vent, get information, grow, ect. This community is geared towards parenting while having these disorders... we can all get through this together and be better parents, friends, lovers, etc.

Feel free to use this community to just talk amongst eachother, post pictures of your family, tell silly stories, jokes. Whatever makes you happy that is appropriate. You dont need to candy coat things here, we are all here to listen and get through this with you. We all need to be honest with eachother, and most importantly with ourselves.

I am 24 and a stay at home mother to a 4 year old little girl, and a 7 month old little boy. They are my life but parenting is extremely hard under these circumstances. I have a list of mental problems mostly anxiety related. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Agoraphobia, Post Traumatic Stress, and Depressive Disorder.) I hope to get this community up for parents with mental illness so that they have someone to relate with, some form of a support system because many people out there are very closed minded and don't take the time to understand us. We are all special-- and we all diserve the best, and our kids do as well, and Id love to help improve the quality of our lives as much as I can. Espically for out childrens sake.

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Please be kind to all members of the community. It is fair to have your own opinion of course, but please do so in a polite way. Absolutely No Drama!

Please put your posts as Friends Only. This allows for more privacy to you and everyone else. A friends only post is where only community members can view it. Also, not just anyone can walk on in and join. They must be screened by me before hand and I either accept or deny depending on their request. We want honest good people in here.

Pics are more than welcome. Although, if you are posting more than one picture or a large picture please place it behind a lj cut.

After you join and have been approved you will have free access to posting reading and commenting within this community. Please post a short bio about youself. We wanna get to know you.

Please post this as your introduction post with your appropiate answers.
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